Welcome to The W.H.E.N! Foundation!

The AYSO W.H.E.N! Foundation is a new 501c3 born from the foundational tenets of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) with the goal of bringing more physical activity, nutrition education, and wellness initiatives to communities across the nation.


Inspiring Lifelong Physical Activity

At a time when technology is soaring, the medical field is making groundbreaking discoveries, and people from around the globe can connect remotely from a tiny handheld computer, less than half of children in the United States are getting the physical activity they need to be healthy.  The United States is winning a race we don’t want to win – the race to obesity, which not only effects the current health of our children but the future of our economy and healthcare system.  When the Coronavirus outbreak occurred in early 2020, one of the biggest factors that put the United States at severe risk was obesity.

The AYSO W.H.E.N! Foundation recognizes that childhood sport participation, especially on teams, can lead to increased physical and cognitive development, thus laying the foundation for a healthy lifestyle that will extend into adulthood and help shape future generations. The W.H.E.N! Foundation also believes that a holistic approach to the individual, not just on the field but off, has the potential to develop strong leadership and social skills that can be transferred from the classroom to the board room.  In addition to bringing more physical activity to more kids, the W.H.E.N! Foundation seeks to educate families on the benefits of mindfulness, mental health, and social-emotional learning by offering new resources as well as supporting existing programs across the US.